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In Spare Parts our Interpreters are able to provide "intelligent" assistance to our customers and procure parts via the use of computer programs and links to many of our suppliers. As we are providing parts for many machines that range in age from the most modern machinery to some that would almost qualify as antiques we need to have these tools, and sometimes a very good memory comes in handy. Our customers always are greeted with a smile and enjoy our friendly service.

We also produce a Monthly Newsletter which keeps our customers informed about what is happening in the branches, new products, Parts Specials, seasonal updates, staff news and, as always, some "good humour".

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Aftersales Service

As farming practices change and as the weather continues to dictate the outcome of each year's productivity we have found there is a constant need to provide our customers with the best possible advice and service.

To achieve this we have invested a good deal of time and money in Staff Training.
Our mechanics attend a range of courses at New Holland's purpose built Training
Centre at St Mary's to keep them abreast of the latest products and technology.
Many members of our staff have also completed Air Conditioning Training and have gained their Air Conditioning Licences.

Upon the sale and delivery of a new machine, whether it be a Tractor, Baler or
Mower Conditioner, one of our Service Technicians and the Salesman carry out a
thorough installation and induction of the machine to ensure that the new owner
is fully competent in its operation and use.

We have received many comments from new owners that our induction is the best installation that they have ever received when taking delivery of a new piece of equipment and that they feel their confidence and knowledge about the new machine has been enhanced.
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